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Combining Wild Nuts & Berries economic development and products quality

The Wild Nuts and Berries iNet Scoping Seminar has put forward priorities themes to focus INCREDIBLE actions. Among them, the processing quality of products, the organic food label and new products are fields to explore in order to develop the wild nuts and berries value chain. So, this two-day event is dedicated to share experiences about economic development (private and public) that ensures the quality of products and preserves local identities.

This is an Interregional Workshop organised in Marseille by National Centre for Forest Ownership (CNPF), in particular by the Regional Centre CRPF-PACA, and addressed to private and public stakeholders of these NWFPs value chains. Second day includes a field trip.

Check here the programme (in English and French) and download the presentations.  


Wild Nuts & Berries
Start Date: 
Jueves, 7 Marzo, 2019
End Date: 
Viernes, 8 Marzo, 2019
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El proyecto INCREDIBLE pretende mostrar cómo los productos forestales no maderables (PFNM) pueden desempeñar un papel importante en el apoyo a la gestión forestal sostenible y el desarrollo rural, mediante la creación de redes para compartir e intercambiar conocimientos y experiencia. INCREDIBLE (acrónimo de ‘Innovation Networks of Cork, Resins and Edibles in the Mediterranean basin’) promueve la colaboración e innovación intersectorial para destacar el valor y el potencial de los PFNM en la región.


El proyecto INCREDIBLE recibe fondos del programa Horizon 2020 de la Comisión Europea en el marco del acuerdo de subvención Nº 774.632.


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