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Motion Infographic: Wild Nuts & Berries

Animated infographic about Wild Nuts & Berries.

Video: Science to Practice event:'Impact of Phytophtora on chestnut trees: from diagnostic to adaptation'


This video was shot  during the Science to Practice event 'Impact of Phytophtora on chestnut trees: from diagnostic to adaptation', a meeting organised by Haïmad Baudriller-Cacaud  ofCNPF PACA, on 16-17 September 2020 in Vals-les-Bains in Ardèche (France).


Report of ‘Wild harvest in time of new pests, diseases and climate change’. Interregional Workshop (Palencia, Spain, 12-14 June 2019)

The workshop included three types of activities: (i) oral presentations, (ii) group work and discussion and (iii) field trips. During the first and second days, oral presentations and group work and discussions were held. The third day was devoted to the field trip visiting Aliste, a region of Zamora province with increasing planting area of Castanea sativa. An additional field trip was organised the fourth day to stone pine forests in the Valladolid province on demand of participants. Check the whole report in the link below.

Presentations of the Science to Practice event 'Chestnut orchards: an opportunity for rural development'

Presentations of the Science to Practice event 'Chestnut orchards: an opportunity for rural development' (Balboa, León, Spain. 22 May 2019). 

Report of the Interregional Workshop 'Combining WN&B economic development and products quality’ (Marseille, France, 7-8 March 2019)

This interregional workshop was principally focused on researching ways to combine quality products and economic development for the nuts and berries sector, especially chestnuts, pine nuts and strawberry trees berries. Part of the production come from informal European market, with no structure, subject to a strong competition from international market, especially China which is very aggressive. A concertation between all the stakeholders is essential to organize the sector efficiently.

Check here the report of this event.

Report of the Science to Practice event 'Grafting techniques in stone pine for clonal propagation'

This 'Science to Practice' event transmitted advances in genetic improvement of stone pine as producer of Mediterranean pine nuts, though the main issue was about the very grafting techniques used in this pine.

Presentations delivered a review of three decades of prospection, common garden evaluation, and selection of genotypes (elite clones) with superior pine cone production, aimed as scion donors for grafted plantations. Nursery techniques and costs were analysed. Invited speakers were specialists and technicians from the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, the National Institute of Agricultural and Food Research and Technology, the regional Forest Administration of Castilla y León, TRAGSA SA and Forestal Catalana SA, involved in development and deployment of elite clones.

Report on iNET Scoping Seminar Wild nuts & berries iNet (in English)

Report on iNET Scoping Seminar Wild nuts & berries iNet (in Portuguese).

Toward a Road Map for innovating Wild Nuts and Berries value chains

Working plan for the Wild Nuts & Berries iNet


The Wild Nuts & Berries iNet needs your participation to achieve its objectives, as you may have interesting information, experiences and opinions that may benefit the NWFPs sector.

Check here the working plan of this iNet. 



El proyecto INCREDIBLE pretende mostrar cómo los productos forestales no maderables (PFNM) pueden desempeñar un papel importante en el apoyo a la gestión forestal sostenible y el desarrollo rural, mediante la creación de redes para compartir e intercambiar conocimientos y experiencia. INCREDIBLE (acrónimo de ‘Innovation Networks of Cork, Resins and Edibles in the Mediterranean basin’) promueve la colaboración e innovación intersectorial para destacar el valor y el potencial de los PFNM en la región.


El proyecto INCREDIBLE recibe fondos del programa Horizon 2020 de la Comisión Europea en el marco del acuerdo de subvención Nº 774.632.


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