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Goodbye INCREDIBLE project! Hello INCREDIBLE Forest Newsletter!

The INCREDIBLE project comes to an end. Time flies, but our three years and a half were eventful and we successfully managed to address some of the gaps in the value chains of Non-Wood Forest Products (NWFPs) in the Mediterranean by connecting their actors to existing research results, best practices, innovations, and start-ups.

INCREDIBLE project created five innovation networks around five NWFPs with more than 2,000 participants, designed five roadmaps, organised 15 interregional workshops, 45 science to practice events, three cross-cutting seminars, created the Knowledge repository for Non-Wood Forest Products with 257 fact sheets under 12 themes and 80 FAQs, organised an open innovation challenge which awarded 5 NWFP start-ups with a two-week acceleration service, drew up the Alghero manifesto and a white paper on policy recommendations for NWFPs, organised a policy forum with more than 35 high-level speakers and attended by more than 100 participants, published more than 200 online news, and much more.

INCREDIBLE has left behind lasting resources, worth sharing with the whole of the NWFPs community:


Additionally, all public deliverables and reports are available in the Incredible Networks community on Zenedo ( All of the are fully open access.


What’s next?

Hundreds of NWFPs stakeholders like you made the INCREDIBLE project a success. We hope to have created a sense of community. We would like to maintain it in the long term by providing you with space where you can continue to exchange your knowledge and innovations. The INCREDIBLE project partners believe that we have found the right social network for this purpose, aimed at professionals in the forestry and agricultural sectors, and developed with the support of the European Commission.

Unfortunately, this network is not yet online. As soon as it is available and we have found the best way to dynamise the existing INCREDIBLE innovation networks through it, we will invite you to join us to continue to interact online (and, if the opportunity arises, also in person) with practitioners and researchers sharing the same interest in NWFPs!

Besides, the INCREDIBLE Forest Newsletter replaces the INCREDIBLE Project Newsletter and the INCREDIBLE Project Events Bulletin. Through this publication, former partners of the INCREDIBLE project will promote events and initiatives on NWFPs.

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News Date: 
Martedì, 29 Giugno, 2021

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Il progetto INCREDIBLE ha lo scopo di mostrare come i prodotti forestali non legnosi (NWFP) possono svolgere un ruolo importante nel sostenere la gestione forestale sostenibile e lo sviluppo rurale, creando reti per condividere e scambiare conoscenze e competenze. Il progetto INCREDIBLE promuove la collaborazione e l'innovazione intersettoriali per evidenziare il valore e il potenziale dei prodotti forestali non legnosi nel bacino del Mediterraneo.


Il progetto INCREDIBLE ("INNOVATION Networks of Cork, Resins and Edibles in the Mediterranean basin") riceve finanziamenti dal programma della Commissione Europea Horizon 2020 secondo il grant agreement Nº 774632.


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