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INCREDIBLE dissemination package (Deliverable 4.4)

This deliverable aims to list and to provide an overview of the main dissemination products that emerged from the communication activities of the thematic network INCREDIBLE. These activities, stemming from or developed to support tasks in WP 1, 2 and 3, and are intended to bring thematic network information and results to a wider audience beyond the extent of the thematic network in all fields (science, practice, business, policy and media).

Policy recommendations on non-wood forest products (Deliverable 3.3)

The INCREDIBLE project aims at leveraging knowledge transfer in the field of non-wood forest products, with a specific attention to the Mediterranean basin. One of the key tasks of the project entails filling the knowledge gaps on the policy actions needed to enhance the connection between innovation transfer and value chains development on the one hand, and policy measures able to tackle the challenges faced by ecosystems and economic operators on the other. This report summarises the achievements of Task 3.3 – “Policy Forum on Governance of wild non-wood forest products in Europe”, led by FoReSTAS and co-led by CESEFOR.

Submission of Practice and Research Abstract (Deliverable 2.4)

Deliverable 2.4 relates to Deliverables 2.1 (Compilation of co-developed ready-to-implement innovative knowledge) and D2.2 (Web-based knowledge platform with associated long-term sustainability).

Project publication “Knowledge in practice” (Deliverable 4.3)

D4.3 presents the knowledge transfer activities to targeted stakeholders that INCREDIBLE partners performed over the duration of the project. It lists articles in sectorial and practitioners’ magazines and journals as well as articles targeted at broader audiences (e.g,. blogs or web-stories) published at both national and international level. The dissemination items are subdivided per thematic iNets (Aromatic and medicinal plants; Cork; Mushrooms and truffles; Resins; Wild nuts and berries), and inter-iNets activities. This deliverable details how key project outcomes, process, and lessons learned from the iterative multi-actor processes have been disseminated to target audiences outside the project, as to increase the project impact and outreach.

Dissemination Material from Cross-Cutting Seminar (1st) (Deliverable 3.6)

The deliverable, produced by Etifor, aims to summarize main contents and inputs emerged during the cross-cutting Seminar (CCS), held in Borgo Val di Taro (Italy) at the beginning of May 2019. In the context of INCREDIBLE project, each CCS aims to create cross-sectorial partnerships and supporting NWFP actors and practitioners in the development of innovative solutions for NWFP management.

Dissemination Material from Crosscutting Seminar (Deliverable 3.5)

Second cross-cutting seminar: Innovative Businesses and Entrepreneurship for Non-Wood Forest Products.

Best open innovation platforms and approaches for NWFPs (Deliverable 3.4)

This document aims to present innovative examples of open innovation platforms and approaches for NWFP that are currently available at the international level. In the first part of this document, the concept of “open innovation” will be analysed in detail, and it will be pointed out that adoption of an open innovation strategy is now recognized as being fundamental to innovating and reformulating company business models.

Dissemination Material from crosscutting seminar (Deliverable 3.1)

Third cross-cutting seminar: Innovation and emerging technologies for non-wood forest products.

iNet final report, knowledge gaps and innovation opportunities and barriers (Deliverable 2.3)

The five innovation Networks (iNet) created in the INCREdible project have four main purposes:

  • to identify the knowledge and practical experiences that are needed to be summarized and
  • made available in a ready-to-implement way
  • to contextualise and guarantee the relevance of compiled knowledge
  • to identify persisting knowledge gaps and research priorities
  • to highlight key innovation opportunities

Web-based knowledge platform with associated long-term sustainability (Deliverable 2.2)

This document describes the aim of the web-based knowledge platform, the reasoning supporting the selection of the platform where it has been developed, and its structure. It also includes the long-term sustainability plan.


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Il progetto INCREDIBLE ha lo scopo di mostrare come i prodotti forestali non legnosi (NWFP) possono svolgere un ruolo importante nel sostenere la gestione forestale sostenibile e lo sviluppo rurale, creando reti per condividere e scambiare conoscenze e competenze. Il progetto INCREDIBLE promuove la collaborazione e l'innovazione intersettoriali per evidenziare il valore e il potenziale dei prodotti forestali non legnosi nel bacino del Mediterraneo.


Il progetto INCREDIBLE ("INNOVATION Networks of Cork, Resins and Edibles in the Mediterranean basin") riceve finanziamenti dal programma della Commissione Europea Horizon 2020 secondo il grant agreement Nº 774632.


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