The chestnut sector, present in the European Parliament

This week begins in the European Parliament a round of contacts promoted by the European Chestnut Network, Eurocastanea, founded a year ago in Plasencia (Extremadura, Spain), with the aim of defending the common interests of producers, industrialists and commercial operators in the European chestnut sector.

Some of the members of EuroCastanea are also members of the Wild Nuts & Berries iNet, whose launching within the framework of the INCREDIBLE project will also be announced during this meeting in the European Parliament.

In some respects, there are certain synergies between WN&B iNet and Eurocastanea, a supranational group that also aims to promote dialogue, concertation and common actions among its members, which will focus on:

  • Reinforce the representation of the sector before European institutions and national and regional public administrations.
  • Contribute to the renewal of the European chestnut sector
  • To support and promote the organisation of the European Chestnut Meeting in the various European regions.
  • Organize meetings to promote cooperation between the technical, scientific and economic fields.
  • Collaborate with the R+D+i field for the development of effective solutions to the problems identified in the chestnut tree.

The meeting aims to highlight and inform the European authorities about the opportunity that chestnut represents and the needs in the field of research and the productive and industrial sector.