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Join the Bioregions Open Innovation Challenge on NWFP (now)!

The Bioregions Facility of the European Forest Institute has launched its Open Innovation Challenge 2022 to identify and support the uptake of innovative solutions addressing forest bioeconomy challenges. Unleashing the potential of Non-Wood Forest Products is one of the three themes of the call.

Start-ups, research teams, companies, and individuals are all welcome to apply and present their innovative solutions. Bioregions is looking for:

  • Improved tools and mobile solutions for inventory, yield forecast, monitoring of NWFP, resource management, picking permits, traceability, and certification.
  • New NWFP-based products and services, and novel business models for rural areas.
  • Tools and approaches for awareness raising, engagement, and empowerment of NWFP value chains, including through communication, gamification and e-learning.

The winner of the challenge will receive a 7,000 € grant and guidance to showcase and demonstrate his/her solution to key stakeholders in one or more regions. In this way, the winner will get insights into the fitness and feasibility of their solutions, contact potential partners, clients and support from leading European regions, gain recognition and advance in his/her professional networking.

The application is open until 12 February 2023.

More information here

News Date: 
Πέμπτη, 22 Δεκέμβριος, 2022
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