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'Advances in the management and valorization of edible wild mushrooms in Europe and Canada' (Science to Practice event)

The iNet of Wild Mushrooms and Truffles will act as a collaborator in the International Workshop on Mycological Forests entitled Advances in the management and valorization of edible wild mushrooms in Europe and Canada, which will be held in Zaragoza next 19th October.

The program starts with an introductory general overview. New developments such as the mycology program of Aragón (MICOARAGÓN) or the National Operational Group FungiGO, but also the balance of pioneering programs such as Micocyl in Castilla y León or Mycomauricie in Canada are presented. From the point of view of the territorial diagnosis of the resource, the results obtained in the province of Teruel and in the boreal forests of Canada will be presented. Finally, the opportunities of the tourism product linked to edible wild mushrooms and the role of private companies in the development of the sector in Auvergne (France) will be presented.

Programme and further information, here.
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Wild Mushrooms & Truffles
Start Date: 
Sexta, 19 Outubro, 2018
End Date: 
Sexta, 19 Outubro, 2018
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O projeto INCREDIBLE pretende mostrar o papel importante dos produtos florestais não lenhosos (PFNL), como suporte de uma gestão florestal sustentável e do desenvolvimento rural, criando redes de transferência e partilha de conhecimento e experiência. O projeto INCREDIBLE – Redes de inovação em: Cortiça, Resina e produtos florestais comestíveis, para a região Mediterrânea; promove inovação e colaboração sectorial cruzada, para salientar o valor e o potencial dos PFNL na região.


O projeto ‘Innovation Networks of Cork, Resins and Edibles in the Mediterranean basin’ (INCREDIBLE – ‘Redes de Inovação de Cortiça, Resinas e Comestíveis da bacia Mediterrânica’) recebe financiamento do programa Horizonte 2020 da Comissão Europeia, sob acordo de financiamento Nº 774.632.


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