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Aromatic and Medicinal Plants: From networking challenge to market opportunity

The Greek city of Ioannina will host the second A&MP Interregional Workshop to deepen the market opportunities for this NWFP.

In recent years, the growing consumer demand for natural products of high quality and traceability, makes the field of the exploitation of aromatic and medicinal plants into one of the potentially most competitive fields of economy. This market trend demands high levels of innovative research and investments, to increase productivity, quality and the possibility of exploitation. At the same time, very important is conformity with issues, such as proper environmental management and conservation of the habitats for the natural growth of aromatic and medicinal plants. In order to meet these criteria, the communication and networking of all the stakeholders is necessary. These include collectors, cultivators, processors, companies, research institutes and central government. 
In this framework, the Laboratory of Ecology of the Department of Biological Applications and Technology of University of Ioannina (UOI), is organizing an interregional workshop on 6-7 June 2019 in Ioannina, Greece. The aim of the workshop is to highlight and discuss the topics that concern the field of the exploitation of aromatic and medicinal plants from the point of view of all the involved stakeholders.

The programme is available here in English and in Greek. Download the presentations part 1 and part 2

Aromatic & Medicinal Plants
Start Date: 
četvrtak, 6 lipnja, 2019
End Date: 
petak, 7 lipnja, 2019
INCREDIBLE Project events

Ioannina, Greece. 


INCREDIBLE projekt ima za cilj pokazati kako nedrvni šumski proizvodi (NDŠP) mogu imati važnu ulogu u podržavanju održivog gospodarenja šumama i ruralnom razvoju, stvaranjem mreža za dijeljenje i razmjenu znanja i iskustva. "Inovativne mreže pluta, smole i jestivih plodova u mediteranskom bazenu" (INCREDIBLE) promiču međusektorsku suradnju i inovacije kako bi se istaknula vrijednost i potencijal NDŠP-a u regiji.


Projekt “Inovativne mreže dionika vezanih za pluto, smolu i jestive nedrvne šumske proizvode u mediteranskom bazenu” (INCREDIBLE) financira Europska komisija u sklopu programa Obzor 2020 (ugovor o financiranju Nº 774632).


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